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LNHH’s Tommie Lee Drags 50 Cent For Denying Her, Reveals The Rapper Blocked Her After Sliding Into His DMs To Pitch Role On Power

Tommie Lee has chosen to air out some issues she has with 50 Cent.  The former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member was recently chatting it up with fans on Instagram Live where she answered some questions, and things went a little left once a fan asked her a question pertaining to her acting.  

Tommie Lee, born Atasha Chizzaah Jefferson Moore, first appeared on “LHHATL” during season one making a cameo appearance as she attended fellow cast member Rasheeda’s listening party.  It wasn’t until season 5 where she would be elevated to a supporting cast member as the girlfriend of Scrapp Deleon, before becoming promoted to the main cast in season six.  

Season 7 of LHHATL saw the last of Tommie, as her struggles with alcoholism began to get the best of her, and on the eleventh episode entitled “Houston We Have A Problem”, an inebriated Tommie broke the fourth wall and attacked one of the producers and security.  Executive Producer Stephanie Gayle stepped in to announce that Lee would not be allowed back on set and was fired from the show effective immediately.  She was then cast as a supporting player in the Stevie J spin-off show “Leave It To Stevie”.

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Since her last appearance on Love and Hip Hop and outside of archival footage on later seasons, Tommie Lee hasn’t had much of a presence on reality tv, but she’s got her eyes set on bigger heights.  She’s shared that she hopes to catch a big break on a major motion picture or scripted hit television show in the future, and it’s been reported last month that she has been cast in “True To The Game 3” based on the popular Terri Woods novel.  She is slated to appear along with Jeremy Weeks, playing the role of his love interest.  The film is set to be released sometime in 2021. 

As fans await the acting debut of Tommie Lee on the big screen, they also want to know what the budding actress has in the pipeline.  One fan inquired about her interests in starring in a feature film or TV show bringing Lee to confess, “It’s not necessarily a movie. It’s a series. Everybody knows I love ‘Power’ and I want to be on ‘Power,’ but I absolutely HATE 50 Cent.”

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The reason for the disdain towards the rapper stems from Tommie shooting her shot to the “Power” executive producer via dm, attempting to be cast in the show.  She revealed that instead of the rapper responding to at least respectfully decline, he instead chooses to block her.  

“All I said was. I had DM’d him. All I said was, ‘I got a idea for ‘Power.’ I could be Ghost’s girlfriend,” Tommie recalled. “I just wanted to throw that out there. That motherf–ker blocked me. Such a a–hole and I think I would have done really good on ‘Power.’”  She later calls him a hater, agreeing with a fan who initially labeled the rapper with the title.  

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