Tory Lanez Gifts ‘Broke’ Woman On GoFundMe $2500 After Calling Him Trash, Woman Takes Money & Trashes Him Again

Canadian R&B singer Tory Lanez’s life went from a hit-making mainstay on the charts either with his own songs as an artist or as a feature for many, to being troubled and one of America’s most hated people. July 12, 2020 will be a day that the “Say It” singer will more than likely never forget as it was the day accusations against him began to fly for an alleged incident involving Megan Thee Stallion. Since then, it’s never been the same and fans continue to rally against the singer.

Tory was already heavily scrutinized and pretty much cancelled after the news of the incident hit the Internet although there was no solid proof that Tory, real name Daystar Peterson, was the suspect. When Megan Thee Stallion came online to share, “Yes … Tory shot me. You shot me and you got your publicist and people to these blogs lying,” on her Instagram Live, that was all the confirmation needed for the majority.

The fallout from the incident has not stopped Tory from releasing music. Instead of remaining out of the public’s eyes (and ears) until the upcoming trial’s end, which if convicted the singer could face a maximum of 22 years and eight months, Lanez continues to release new music.

The singer released the critically panned “DAYSTAR” album last year, with many publications vowing not to review the album. He next released two albums: “Loner” on December 22 and “Playboy” in March of 2021. Lanez would soon run into more obstacles when rolling out the projects, at one time claiming that Spotify removed the Loner album from their platform.

“So they took the ‘loner capsule’ off Spotify this morning for a reason i don’t know,” Lanez tweeted. “After a few hours …. they put it back …. now the capsule is not in a lot of my fans library’s anymore…so I apologize if u have to re download … I just clearly can’t catch a break.”

On top of that, reports surfaced that the R&B singer’s sales and streams suffered a hefty 40% decline. On top of the media scrutiny, fans weren’t here for Lanez’s presence either. Tory was inundated with intense criticism from fans on and off social media as many also vowed to continue to mute the singer.

One such hater of Lanez was able to capture Tory’s attention in a major way. A woman identified as 19-year-old Angela Newsome had much to say about Tory and his music on Twitter, and none of it good. Seemingly having enough of her rants directed towards the singer, the fans that he does have came through in his defense. They discovered a GoFundMe account that Newsome had set up to help her move out of her “toxic father’s” house.

A back and forth ensued between Newsome and Lanez’s fans while she continued to maintain her stance on her dislike for his music and that he should be “jailed immediately.” Newsome some of the interactions and reposted on her Twitter page to show the reactions she had been getting.

“Most of the Tory fans i argued with today brought up my gofundme talkin bout im broke and my dad hates me,” Newsome tweeted. “But the second i said ‘if its a problem I have a gofundme, donate and i will no longer have it.’, it got [quiet] as f**k. You see the problem???”

Catching wind of the whole debacle was Lanez himself, who offered quite the response to Newsome after his fans defended him. “The problem is they don’t know you just like you don’t know me. But Today , f**k it … ima help you out,” wrote the singer. “Send me your cash app and I’ll send u the money u need to get rid of that ‘Go Fund Me’ … lol u lucky I gotta big heart.”

Calling Lanez on his bluff, Newsome offered her cashapp handle to Lanez as his fans began to notice that she was starting to “play nice”. Newsome insinuated in one tweet that she would “change up for money” because she was in need, and in a subsequent tweet vowed to never speak ill of Lanez if he blessed her account.

“Yo on god i’ll never hate [on] that n***a publicly again if he fill my pockets with the lil change i need,” she tweeted. In another she continues to hound Lanez, just in case her notifications got lost in the mix of his other messages.

True to the “big heart” Lanez claimed to have, sure enough, a CashApp notification appeared on Newsome’s phone showing a deposit of $2,500 from the singer to her account. Newsome in turn returned to Twitter to share that she had received his gift, and that she would now only need $1,000 and would update her GoFundMe.

The problem is, the vow that she made? She didn’t keep it. Afterwards, Newsome shared that she still felt the same way about Lanez. “Tory lanez music is still trash in my opinion,” she tweeted. “I appreciate him for giving me much needed funds but i stand on my opinion. What you thought??”

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