Tory Lanez Plans To Release Music Derailed By Angry Fans Asking R&B Singer To Sing Jailhouse Blues

Trouble found its way knocking on Tory Lanez door ever since the horrifying events that occurred in June of 2020. The incident involving Megan Thee Stallion put a heavy brick on Lanez’s career, and the ramifications continue to follow. Sales and streams of the singer’s music have reportedly decreased dramatically, yet he continues to try and push forward with his career despite the severe issues. As he awaits trial, Lanez is pushing forward with his efforts to revitalize his music career. His former fans and others in the general public, would rather see him singing somewhere else, however.

Quiet as it’s kept, the Canadian rapper/singer has been releasing music steadily since the incident. In September, “Daystar” was released and was universally panned by critics, many of who refused to listen to or review the album. He followed the release of that album up with the projects, or “capsules” as he calls them, “Loner” and “Playboy” featuring collaborations by Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown.

Recently, Lanez sat down with rapper Gillie Da Kid and Wallo, hosts of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, where he reflected on all of the artists that he feels have turned on him. “You gotta understand, people have brands,” Tory shared with the hosts. “Before I look at Tory Lanez like it’s me, Tory Lanez is a brand. Whatever artist is their brand. At the moment, it wasn’t the look to put their brand on it. Unless you were somebody who stood so far into the brand, that your brand was so you, that your personal life is reflected on your brand. When it started there were very few people like that on the outside, but on the inside it was love. That was the weird thing about it for me.” 

He continues, “When it comes down to artists, I still understand the business side of it, so I never really hold friction there. When things get right, it’ll be alright. Just like now, I’ve been living a regular life. People are coming back and taking pictures, but eight months ago it might not have been the mood.” 

When asked by one of the hosts whether Tory continues to receive support from other artists behind closed doors, he replies, “Even the people who came out and said anything about me, a lot of them, after the fact or after the music came out, they called me like ‘I still f— with you, just at the time, XYZ,'” answers Tory. “But there’s nothing wrong with that.”

He added, “There’s something wrong with that in our world. People have a wrong idea of how that’s separated, but I understand that those worlds are separated. But not everybody was raised like me…I don’t expect them to be. However, I gotta move how I gotta move.” 

Nevertheless, Lanez is rolling on and continuing to roll out new music. The “Say It” singer revealed that his upcoming “80’s capsule” is finished and he’s gearing up for the release on social media recently. It also looks as though he’s jumping on the NFT wave and will release his music that way. “Countless people have attempted to enter the NFT space after my success with the format but didn’t understand what it was. They treated it as a money grab instead of learning how best to utilize the technology,” said Tory, according to

With that, he brought the conversation to his fans, asking what they would love to hear from him next. “What GENRE do u want hear from me the most this summer,” Lanez asked his fans on social media. “I REALLY NEED TO KNOW …. cause the FLOOD IS COMING.”

Tory may not have gotten the response that he expected, as the love hasn’t fully returned his way. Social media users quickly let him know what they would much rather hear from him in the comments. “The Genre of Silence,” one user suggested. “The genre of confession,” another writes.

“Jailhouse Blues,” one writes, which gains a lot of reactions. Safe to say some people aren’t here for it and await the judge’s upcoming decision in the trial. Check out some of the responses below:

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