Transgender Actress, Angelica Ross Shares Strange Story After Locking Eyes With DaBaby, Claims Rapper Stared At Her While She Walked Passed Him

DaBaby is public enemy number one this week as he continues to deal with the blow back from his Rolling Loud Rant. The homophobic, misogynist and ignorant tirade has him on everyones bad side, with many coming forward to educate the rapper and show their support to the communities he’s insulted. Pose actress Angelica Ross came forward with a story about herself and DaBaby that has some scratching their heads, wondering its relevance to the situation at hand.

DaBaby offended many when he spewed toxic misinformation about the HIV/AIDS epidemic paired with some negative remarks on women and gay men. In the now infamous moment he told crowd goers that HIV can take your life in “2 to 3 weeks” and that if they did not have the disease to put their cellphone light in the air.

He has been promptly dropped from several festivals since including Days N Vegas, Governor’s Ball and Lollapalooza. He released an apology at the top of this week that many feel is insincere especially following his various Instagram posts doubling down prior to saying sorry. Rapper Azealia Banks also reminded many yesterday of an incident last year where he punched a woman, wondering why he was not canceled sooner. Singer Miley Cyrus opted to reach out to him hoping to educate him.

Angelica Ross saw the opportunity to chime in by sharing her story about an interaction with DaBaby. In it she recalls landing in Atlanta to visit family. While walking over to her limo, DaBaby was standing near it. She claims he was staring at her before addressing her as “Miss Ross”. She says she laughed at him before getting in the car and driving off.

Her story quickly drew criticism from many not understanding its significance. She immediately fired back at people who mocked her in the comments saying everything from she was lying, to calling her a man to dismiss the idea that he may have been attracted to the trans actress. “One thing folks know about ME…I don’t have to lie to kick it! I don’t make up stories unless I’m being paid to thru SAG-AFTRA for film & television” she fired back.

She went on to explain that her story should go to show people that many man are attracted to trans women, however many still could not see its significance in light of DaBaby’s current drama. Many dismissed it as an attempt for attention or a way to play on the constant interest in high profile men and if they’re secretly gay or dating trans women.

Some brought up rumors of Lil Boosie being gay while others continued to double down on the joke that Boosie and DaBaby should just do a song with Lil Nas X and get it over with if they hope to save their reputations.

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