Transgender Woman Attempts To Sue Multiple Beauty Salons For Refusing To Wax Her

Jessica Yaniv, a transwoman in Canada has gone viral for claims that she was discriminated against by aestheticians who refused to wax her private areas. The story echos several other similar ones happening across the globe as people continue to adapt to the needs of trans people.

The sporting world is facing a lot of changes when it comes to the inclusion of trans athletes. Many people find it is unfair for someone who was born male and has the frame and build of a man to compete in sports against biological women with smaller frames.

Just this month, Mississippi passed a law banning trans women from competing in woman’s track and field in both the youth and collegiate levels. Idaho and North Dakota are pushing for similar bills to be passed as well. Those in favor of the bills state they are looking to protect scholarships and opportunities for women in those sports, since there are already few and far between. “I will sign our bill to protect young girls from being forced to compete with biological males for athletic opportunities,” tweeted Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves on March 4.

The beauty industry faces similar hurdles are they struggle to accommodate the push for inclusion of trans women in history biological women’s spaces. Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated are staples of high glamour and beauty. They both received backlash in recent year for the exclusion and sometimes flat our refusal to include trans women. Sports Illustrated recently made peace with the LGBTQIA community by include trans model Leyna Bloom in their signature swimsuit issue.

The Chicago native, who identifies as Black and Filipina, was chosen by the magazine “not because of what she represents but because of her beauty, commitment and desire to leave the world a better place,” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s editor in chief MJ Day wrote on Instagram.

While Leyna’s win is a high point for trans women, Canadian woman Jessica Yaniv took a lose this week in her fight against several wax spa’s. Jessica Yaniv  filed several claims against a handful of business claiming that their refusal to wax her scrotum was discrimination. Yaniv contacted several spa’s to make an appointment but was turned down when she revealed she still had her male genitalia.

New reports reveal that her claims were not genuine and she is now being asked to pay for damages caused by her claims. The Tribunal reported “[Jessica] Yaniv manufactured the conditions for a human rights complaint when she demanded bikini waxes from several salons despite still having a full set of male genitalia.”

Some of the spa’s claimed religious reasons, while other confessed to not being properly trained on how to wax male genitals.

Because some of the salons in question had never offered services to wax anyone’s scrotum, the tribunal said, it could not be said to be discriminating against Ms Yaniv.

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