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Treach Reveals He and Pepa Shared Girlfriend During Marriage, Claims Pepa Cheated On Him With Their Girlfriend and Violated The Marriage

Salt-N-Pepa is the iconic, women-fronted hip-hop group that has continued to be active and enjoying the fruits of their legacy. While rapper Salt became a Christian later on and seems to shy away from the spotlight, other member Pepa has been more open about her wild ride – and now that her truth is coming out, former husband Treach wants to clear the air.

Pepa’s already started to create a stir around her own biography, I’ll Take Your Man. Recently outlet OnSite posted a video in which she revealed that thanks to Andre Rison, the TLC rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez assumed that the two had slept together and she wasn’t having it at all.

Remember the night Lisa (Left Eye) Lopes burned down the house of Andre Rison (former Atlanta Falcons wide receiver)? Well, I was sort of in the middle of that. Andre and I never messed around. I’m innocent of that crime.” While we have to wait for more about that night, their upcoming Lifetime biopic is already stirring up trouble in other places for Pepa.

Airing on January 23rd, 2021, the movie features G.G. Townson as Cheryl “Salt” James and Laila Odom as Sandra “Pepa” Denton. Monique Paul will play the group’s DJ, Deidra Roper aka DJ Spinderella —   though she’s not in the photos released that fans are calling out.

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The two up-and-coming actresses are being hackled for looking like present-day R&B singer Ciara and rapper Missy Elliott instead of the iconic rap stars that the movie is about. Twitter also went wild, comparing the two actresses to other celebrities such as Dej Loaf, Tamar & Toni Braxton, Keyshia Cole and others.

With one fan commenting, “Now this doesn’t look like the same quality I saw in the trailers,” it’s unsure of how the end result will be received. What we know from an earlier interview this year with Pepa’s former husband, Treach of Naughty-by-Nature fame, was that he didn’t approve of the way that his character was being portrayed.

Treach wanted to clear the air about some other aspects of the relationship that Pepa had also apparently started to address in her own upcoming memoirs when he sat down with The Breakfast Club. Apparently, his proposed character was an abuser, something Pepa has accused him of in the past – which he claims was absolutely not true.

“The character they put me out to be is like a weak, savage, demonic abuser, which it wasn’t happening like that. I’d rather not be in the movie at all if it’s not actual, factual,” he said.

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“We have a love-hate relationship. We good, it’s just certain things that come up from her book. And now there’s going to be a Salt-N-Pepa movie. I’m looking at the character they got for me and they want release it, but it never happened. ‘What’s Love Gotta Do With It’ was a good movie, but it wasn’t our story.”

And when it comes to the reason that the pair’s one year marriage but ten year relationship came to an end, it wasn’t because of Treach. It was because of Pepa violating their open marriage and cheating on him with their girlfriend – with other couples, without him.

”So, you got jealous?,” Angela Yee asks the rapper while his daughter Egypt, of Growing Up Hip-Hop, sits nearby – hearing a lot of things for the first time apparently.

“Naw, I just got cheated on. I didn’t have to [cheat]. I’m a man with two women,” Treach said.

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See the interview below.

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