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Trick Daddy’s Bankruptcy Case Erupts, Rapper Reveals He’s $800,000 In Debt & Struggling With $100 Worth Of Clothing Amid Beyonce Backlash

They say “it ain’t trickin’ if you got it.” For rapper Trick Daddy, whose name speaks that he either is in a consistent state of money flow or at least should be, it looks like trickin’, he is not. It’s been a while since the Miami native has been heavy in the headlines (without the help of a hit song or a Love And Hip-Hop appearance) thanks to some recent comments that riled up the Beyhive, and as history has shown, her fan club came out in droves to remind him of some things.

Trick Daddy, real name Maurice Young, released his first album in 1997, the same year as Destiny Child’s self-titled debut album. Since his debut, “Based On A True Story” (which according to Wikipedia has only sold 127,000 since its release), the rapper has released 6 other albums, 4 of which have achieved either Gold or Platinum status from the RIAA.

Meanwhile, in comparison, Beyonce’s discography boasts millions of records and singles sold at a consistent pace, with both Destiny’s Child, and as a solo artist. Out the gate, the Destiny’s Child album was certified platinum, while their other offerings saw multi-platinum status. Bey’s solo career subsequently sent the Houston native’s career into the stratosphere with a string of hit and critically acclaimed singles and albums.

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In addition, Jay-Z, who many have easily placed in the “Greatest Rapper of All Time” conversations has seen colossal success since the release of his 1996 debut album “Reasonable Doubt”. Pitchfork lauded the album as “one of Hip-Hop’s landmark albums”, and his follow-ups would continue to find their way to the top of the Billboard charts. Just as well, when the couple joined together in matrimony, the family’s financial status got that much stronger.

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Recently, Trick Daddy set both the Internet and his world on fire after comments that he made about the Carters in a Clubhouse chatroom conversation went viral. The “I’m a Thug” rapper voiced his opinion that Beyonce cannot sing and does not write music and also stated his “unpopular opinion” that “Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That’s why they together,” said Trick before unleashing on Jay-Z. “Jay-Z ain’t never won the greatest rapper alive,” he said of the Brooklyn rapper. Whoever put him on a level like that?”

It wasn’t long before Beyonce and Jay-Z fans came out of the woodworks, and wasted no time in picking apart Trick’s life, career, and whatever else stone they could leave unturned. And leave no stone unturned they did. The Beyhive (which at this point also includes Jay-Z fans) and fans of the Jay began to berate Trick on every social media platform, making him a trending topic for reasons he probably would prefer not to see.

Not only did fans take him to task on social media, but they went as far as trashing his restaurant in Miami. Trick’s establishment saw an immense decline in its original 4.5-star rating after numerous amounts of 1-star ratings were given.

If that were not enough, fans began to remember some other obstacles that Trick had to face in his life, such as a recent bankruptcy. Radar Online is reporting Trick Daddy’s current bankruptcy case is on the verge of being thrown out due to the rapper failing to make required monthly payments. In court documents filed in his 2019 case, Trick revealed he racked up over $800,000 in debt and was struggling to pay it. The rapper assets included his Florida home worth $350,000, $1,500 worth of household goods and clothing valued at $100. He told the court he had nothing in his checking account.

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This was reportedly his fourth time filing for bankruptcy, according to an XXL report.

The same report shares that the Miami rapper filed once in 2015, again in 2016, and twice again in 2019. Court documents obtained by the publication share that his south Florida home is listed at $350,000, while his clothes come in at only $100. Publishing for the rapper was valued at only $5,000, and he also owes money in back child support and to the IRS.

Moral of the story? Speak only on Beyonce when addressed, or the Beyhive will come for your neck.

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