‘Trickin’ Gon Wrong’: Trick Daddy Caught In Fighting Woman After Spending His Money & Refusing To Go Home With Him

Tricky Daddy does not have many supporters in recent weeks thanks to some of his actions caught online. He caught the wrath of the Beyhive back in June for comments on Beyonce. Now he’s getting some new flack for putting his hands on a young woman outside of a nightclub in Miami. The “Take it to the House” hitmaker was caught on video assaulting the woman.

Back in June Trick Daddy found himself on the wrong side of Beyonce’s fandom. A video clip from a radio interview went viral. In it, Trick Daddy discussed both Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z impact on music. He flat out dismissed Jay’s success, claiming that it had more to do with New York looking for a someone to make a “hero” following the death of Notorious B.I.G in the 90’s.

In regards to Beyonce, Trick expressed his opinion saying she could not sing. He backed this up with claims that his god mother was Beyonce’s vocal coach and that she told him directly that Mrs. Knowles-Carter was not a good vocalist. “Beyonce don’t write music and barely can sing. I watched my god momma train Beyoncé vocal lessons all her career.”

Following this clip going viral, fans of Beyonce swooped in with opinions and digs at the Miami rapper. They even went as far as to give his restaurant poor ratings on google dragging his overall score down. In a string of screenshots posted to The Shade Room, you can see a handful of clever comments from the Beyhive letting it be know that the food was bad and “can’t sing”. One person said “I’ve never in my life tasted such filth. but the Lemonade on the otherhand, was divine”, a reference to her critically acclaimed album of the same name.

Trick Daddy’s former protege Trina was quick to remove her name from the conversation after fearing some fans may come after her. In a post on her page she shared a clip of Beyonce performing and captioned it “All Day everyday, The Queen”.

Well it looks like Trick is in more hot water now. In the now viral clip of him outside of a Miami club, he can be seen and heard arguing with a young woman. According to witnesses, Trick Daddy paid for the woman and her friends to enter club, but refused to go home with the rapper. He can heard asking her “you wanna go viral? touch me” before swinging at her. Many people were shocked and upset, with some asking under the clip. “why would they just record and not try and stop him???” Check out the full image below.

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