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TV Host Wendy Williams Addresses Rumors Of Dating Whitney Houston’s Ex, Robyn Crawford

“Everybody gets a turn” is a phrase used on a occasion in many circles. It underlies the twists of fate that seem universal as they encroach upon the lives of everyone at some point or another: a trial, a dilemma, grief, pain, or being the target of some fallacious rumor.

Call it ironic when a famed talk show host finds herself in the same seat as that of her guests. Wendy Williams, with 30 years in radio and television, felt compelled to address some budding speculation around her name.

Apparently some media outlet posited a theory that she and Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston’s hush-hush, pre-Bobby Brown flame, had a thing going on. Crawford was Houston’s business associate and creative director after their friendship grew into a romantic one. She was a recent guest on the Wendy Williams show and had an amicable rapport; a scenario deemed as suggestive of something more to the news outlet pushing the rumor. Williams stated that the article in question was titled, “Wendy’s been looking for female companionship and Whitney’s rolling over in her grave because Wendy has found it in Robyn Crawford.”

The abrasive Williams answered directly, “I am no lesbian. I like women for friendship. I like men and I like the D!”

She continued, “I’m like, first of all, I’m not down with that. All due respect to the lesbians. And Robyn is married, she’s got kids and I’m not a home wrecker!”

Crawford recently published “A Song For You: My Life With Whitney Houston,” a tell-all memoir about her time with the ground-breaking vocalist in the 1980s. As Williams mentioned, Crawford is indeed married and is parent to 10-year-old twins.

Further dispelling any confusion about her sexual proclivities, Wendy asserted, “I’ve never been curious. It’s so complicated being a woman, I can’t imagine two of us in a relationship.” Further flooring her studio audience, she announced, “Yesterday after the show, I got the surprise of my life, at 55 I got a period. I can’t deal with two women!”

Williams, who is currently single, was previously married to former manager Kevin Hunter for 22 years.

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