Two More Transgender Women Reveal Relationship With Rapper Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck has been spending the latter part of his career trying to defend his character and sexuality, due to the focus being on everything else BUT his music.  The former G-Unit rapper has gone from being a prominent rapper to having to thwart off rumors of his private romps with the people of his choosing and having to face public scrutiny for said allegations.  

The Memphis rapper has faced allegations of relations with transgender women in the past, and perhaps that alleged part of him maybe coming back to haunt him.  As of late, Buck has been doing interviews discussing many portions of his life and career, and he’s addressed the incident saying that he was catfished by the women.  

When the video was initially released, perhaps with the intent to expose the rapper, he took no time in trying to clear his name, then.  “Let me go on and address this real fast, real quick. Ain’t s**t gay about me,” Buck stated in a video on Instagram in an attempt to deny the allegations.

The woman in question was found out to be GlamourPurfek, and she did eventually issue a public apology towards Young Buck. “First, I would like to start by apologizing to David [Young Buck], his family, friends, anyone who has been offended or hurt by the video that was recently posted up on my page,” she said. She then went on to explain that “Unfortunately, I haven’t had access to my page for over a week.”  She finished the video by stating that she did pursue charges against those who hacked into her page.

However, Young Buck’s attempt to clean up his mess may not be working out for him.  An account has popped up with the handle “youngbuckizalgbtmember” on Instagram, dedicated to exposing the rapper.  One post, in particular, produced a slide show of messages allegedly from Buck’s account to a woman named Crackbadazz in 2018.  

Also, audio from his previous incident with GlamourPurfek has resurfaced that seems to show Young Buck pleading for the woman to retract her statements, as “bullets are flying at this point” and “a lot of people are getting hurt.”  Check out the audio below and check back to see if Young Buck will address these new claims.

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