Dancing With The Stars Host, Tyra Banks Reveals She’s Still ‘Very Scared’ Of Supermodel Naomi Campbell, Calls Past Experiences With Her ‘Some Of The Lowest Points Of Her Life”

Tyra Banks was recently accused of being a bully, when resurfaced clips from old episodes of America’s Next Top Model began to resurface and undergo scrutiny. It’s a stark contrast to how Tyra herself had dealt with similar energy early in her career, as her meteoric rise was painted as a “rivalry” by the fashion media against Naomi Campbell.

The clip in question that resurfaced featured one of the contestants, season 6’s Danielle Evans, who was being pressured by Tyra to close a gap in her teeth by having dental surgery – in order for her to get a CoverGirl contract.

“Do you really think you can have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in your mouth?” asks Tyra. Evans responds with, “Yes, why not?” with a smile. Tyra ultimately says, “it’s not marketable.” The whole exchange was a bit cringe but felt similar to treatment Tyra claimed she suffered in her early days.

“I got to Paris, and it was very difficult. I did really well really fast, but then the industry was saying, ‘Oh, look out Naomi Campbell, here comes Tyra Banks! So Naomi Campbell, sit your butt down,’” Banks said during an appearance on Norwegian/Swedish talk show Skavlan. “It wasn’t fair to Naomi, but her response was … to this day, I’m very scared of her. It was very difficult — like some of my lowest times of my life — dealing with that.”

The two supermodels eventually ended up making up publicly on Tyra’s canceled talk show and in January 2013, Campbell praised Banks during an interview with ELLE. “I’m proud of her as a woman of color. She’s given girls opportunity, and God bless her.”

Naomi Campbell recently reignited her longtime feud with Tyra Banks after sharing an image of a publication, “titled “Here’s Why Fans Are Starting To Think Tyra Banks Is The Real Mean Girl, Not Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell has since deleted the story, but not before fans had an opportunity to circulate Campbell’s level of pettiness.

Check out some of the responses below:

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