New Law Requires Men To Pay ‘Prenatal’ Child Support To Women While Child Is Still In Womb To Cover Half Of Woman’s Out-Of-Pocket Pregnancy Cost In State Of Utah

The struggle between pro-life and pro-choice people is one that continues to divide the nation. At the center is Planned Parenthood,  is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health care in the United States and globally. They continue to offer services to those wishing to end pregnancies, something many people don’t want them to do anymore. Measures are being taken across the country by different parties to insure that a real solution can be made.

In Ohio, laws are moving in favor of those pro-life, aka people against abortion. Just this week they moved to ban the practice of telemedicine by the companies looking to help those with pregnancy termination needs over the phone. According to Columbus Underground, “The national and state chapters of Planned Parenthood sued the state of Ohio Thursday over a law set to go into effect in mid-April that prohibits abortion services conducted through telemedicine.”

The went on to explain that the lawsuit is in regards to Senate Bill 260, signed in January and banning an available tele health option for what’s called a “medication abortion”. In a medication abortion, a two-pill regimen is given to a patient, as opposed to removing a fetus or fetal tissue surgically.

In Utah, moves have been made in the opposite direction. ABC News reported that the state appears to be the first to mandate prenatal child support, meaning support to the child while still in the womb. Biological fathers in Utah will be legally required to pay half of a woman’s out-of-pocket pregnancy costs under a new law unique to the state.

When asked on his decision to sponsor it, Republican Rep. Brady Brammer said he had grown frustrated with the number of anti-abortion measures going through the Legislature and wanted to pursue legislation that would make it easier to bring life into the world.

“We want to help people and actually be pro-life in how we do it as opposed to anti-abortion,” Brammer said. “One of the ways to help with that was to help the burden of pregnancy be decreased.”

Some people argue the new legislation will not help women who are most vulnerable and could possibly make abusive relationships even more dangerous for pregnant women.

ABC News reports “Domestic abuse tends to escalate during pregnancy and seeking these costs could further increase stressors about financially supporting a baby.”

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