Vanessa Bryant Now Being Sued By Mother After Refusing Her Demands Of $5 Million, New House and Mercedes Truck

Vanessa Bryant has been through a lot this past year, with the loss of her husband Kobe Bryant. The wife and mother have been left to deal with what remains of his legacy, and it’s been tough to handle. While normally family is supportive during times like this, not in the case of Vanessa Bryant’s mother.

Over the past few months, gossip blogs have reported smatterings of beef between the late NBA star’s wife and her own mother, as the mother was allegedly asking for bigger, lavish gifts among other things that seemed to embarrass Bryant.

Of course, it all seems to be boiling down to money – of which Bryant’s estate has more than enough of, with his widow being the executor of it as well.

The former Lakers superstar earned more than $680 million during 20 years in the NBA before launching a successful business career after retirement. The five-time NBA champion took in $323 million in playing salary, and $357 million in endorsements, Forbes reported. What matters to Vanessa and her children, however, has always been Kobe Bryant, the man, the father – and not just the basketball legend.

“I wish I could back to that morning, every day. I wish they had a normal local game on 1/26. Life truly isn’t fair. This is just senseless.” Senseless indeed, as Vanessa and her remaining children not only lost a father – but also a sister, with her mother losing her husband, provider and one of her own children.

Her mother seems to have little sympathy for her these days. In bombshell news, Vanessa Bryant is being sued by her mother, in a move that Bryant is calling “embarrassing.”

Filed in the Superior Court of California, Orange County, Sofia Urbieta filed a Complaint for Damages and requested a jury trial against her daughter and other various trusts that control the remaining fortunes of Kobe Bryant, since her daughter seems to have frozen her out.

Now, Bryant is spaking out and fighting back about how her mother is essentially trying to sue her for backpay for being with her grandchildren.

“Earlier this year, I was looking for a new home for her and, a week later, she went on television and gave an interview disparaging our family and making false accusations while living rent-free in a gated apartment complex in Newport Coast,” she said in a statement.

“Even after that betrayal, I was willing to provide my mother with monthly support for the rest of her life and that wasn’t good enough. She, instead, contacted me through intermediaries — contrary to what she claims, my phone number hasn’t changed — and demanded $5 million, a house and a Mercedes SUV.”

Urbieta, AKA Sophia Laine, claims in her suit that she served as a nanny for the Bryant’s, and worked around the clock and the holidays – with no meal or rest breaks. She also says Vanessa kicked her out of the home she was living in while her husband was alive.

“She has no regard for how this is affecting my children and me,” Bryant said.

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