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Video of Meek Mill and Travis Scott Altercation At All-White Party In The Hamptons Surface

Meek Mill and Travis Scott got into a heated fight this weekend while celebrating 4th of July. The hip-hop heavyweights are not known to have any previous beef, but things seem to have escalated pretty quickly between the two, promoting the party to be shut down.

The all white Hamptons party reportedly featured the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z and was hosted by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin. The event was also the place where Meek Mill and James Harden shared a tender moment just hours before the brawl. We reported yesterday on the viral clip of Lil Uzi Vert breakdancing at the function posted by girlfriend JT of City Girls. While Uzi does his thing on the floor, James Harden and Meek can be seen looking on in amusement. Harden then reaches over to Meek and tickles him, promoting the rapper to explode in laughter. Uzi was reportedly engaging in a dance battle with fellow rapper Bobby Smurda.

Meek has had a bad history with parties in recent weeks. Back in May it appears difference between him and label head Rick Ross resulted in an awkward exchange during a birthday party in Miami. Meek Mill threw himself a 34th birthday party at Club LIV. The event seemed to be a big success with many in attendance taking to their social medias to share pictures and stories from the festivities. However twitter user also reported that Meek apparently denied Rick Ross access to the event. Several people saw Ross get turned away from Meek’s section of the club. Some speculated that it is due to beef between the two and Meek wanting to get out of his deal with Ross’ label MMG.

At the Hampton party this past weekend, it is unclear what promoted the beef between Scott and Meek. The two have done several records together in the past including “I’m Leanin'”, “Quintana” and “Bandz”.

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Despite being broken up, Meek could still be heard yelling and screaming in some now viral videos. The incident, which took place around 1:30am, promptly ended the party. While the two have no history of problems, Mill was critical of Travis’ inclusion in Maroon 5’s 2018 Super Bowl performance. “He don’t need that,” Mill said of Scott’s addition, “he on fire already! Stay strong in this s–t!”

See fan responses below:

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