Vlogger Tasha K Makes More Controversial Claims About Actress LisaRaye and Da Brat’s Sisterhood

Popular vlogger Tasha K has had her share of trouble with celebrities and/or some well-known figures in the past.  Her online show, unWinewithTashaK, has given her a voice that has also propelled feuds with (and caught lawsuits from) people from the likes of alleged R. Kelly victim Joycelyn Savage to rap superstar Cardi B.  The latest to become a target are sisters LisaRaye and Da Brat.

Tasha K has been in an elongated legal dispute with rapper Cardi B who is accustomed to people speaking on her, as she is a celebrity.  The “I Like It” rapper, however, is not here for anybody spreading slanderous information concerning her.  In April of 2019, Cardi filed a lawsuit against the online personality valued at $1 million for false allegations.  According to TMZ, she filed a countersuit for slander.

The publication obtained documents that revealed throughout the legal disputes, she was in the middle of the first trimester of a “high-risk pregnancy” while Cardi allegedly threatened her.  Her countersuit of $3 million was due to her allegations that the rapper had sent gang members after her.  Tasha also involved the FBI who reportedly gave her the advice to relocate due to the alleged threats.

In the midst of her legal dispute with Cardi, she may very well have another suit coming up.  The vlogger has been alleging that LisaRaye McCoy and her sister Da Brat are not sisters, but lesbian lovers.  “These two ladies have a longstanding, intimate relationship that is going way past physical,” she said in a December 2020 Livestream, “and honestly, Lisa Raye feels entitled, and she was the only one who kept Da Brat’s secret and actually took advantage of Da Brat when she was trying to be herself.” 

She’s now back with more claims to double down on the two with a new edition of her show.  “Take a moment,” Tasha begins, “and I want you to Google, right now, childhood or baby pictures of LisaRaye and Da Brat.  Tell me what you find.  I’ll wait,” she says before singing the tune to Final Jeopardy.  Only citing who she says is a “very very very legit source”, she claims now that McCoy “apparently solicited” the rapper at the age of 10-years old.

Tasha begins to paint Lisa as one that exhibits “grooming” behavior and tells stories of her alleged childhood.  She then alleges that the reason the rapper has taken so long to come out of the closet is due to her wanting to protect the story from coming out.  “I know y’all want to believe so desperately that these two are sisters,” she adds, “but the lie has been told so long to cover up LisaRaye’s… [predatory] ways over Da Brat.” 

Check out the video below with the new claims beginning at the 42:30 minute mark.

Fans have had enough of the accusations, with some saying the sisters should sue. “I hope Lisa and Da Brat sues Tasha, one user wrote. Another in Tasha K’s YouTube comments stated, “LisaRaye and Da Brat have the SAME FATHER. They BOTH look like him. They might sue you for lying about their relationship.” LisaRaye nor Da Brat have spoken about the outlandish allegations.

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