Wayne Brady Reveals Catching Adult Men Being Inappropriate With Teenage Daughter On Social Media, Now Demanding Companies Do More To Protect Children

While being a parent already has so many challenges, being the parent of a teen during this age of social media can be especially harrowing. As the platforms struggle to deal with fake news, censoring and more, one problem that has gone under the radar is the people who use it to take advantage of teens. Actor Wayne Brady has had it, as a parent and is speaking out.

While celebrities and their offspring’s dealings with the public is a well-known discourse, one that hasn’t been talked about a lot is when their own children, who are already under the spotlight of the public eye, are put in extra danger because of their parents. Even stars like Mariah Carey have dealt with this issue.

Mariah Carey lets her children use TikTok and her trust might not have been displaced, as young Moroccan Cannon, at 9 years old, seems to be able to take care of himself just fine. He recently shut down some comments and demanded some respect, child or not.

Rocky, as he’s called, posted a picture of a comment that someone felt they needed to post on his behalf. “Please stop asking him personal questions as his mother will have no choice but to shut down his account.” Rocky then let his followers know that he doesn’t need anyone to speak on his behalf – or his mother’s.

“First of all, I don’t know who you are, and you don’t need to worry about me.” He continued, “Second of all, my mom will not do that. So please don’t do that, and I like actually answering comments and replying to them. And my life is not your business, no offense. I’m just saying.”

Clearly outspoken and opinionated, Rocky seems to be able to handle himself on social media just fine – but the Internet also reported that Mariah’s made Rocky set his TikTok to “private,” just in case.

It’s a bit easier to monitor your child when they are under the age of 18, but actor Wayne Brady has admitted that it’s a bit harder to do when your daughter is about to be an adult herself – but isn’t quite yet there. At 17 years old, his only daughter Maile has gotten attention on social media – but it’s from a lot of older men, which Brady has decided to come out against.

He shared on The Talk recently that he and her mother, ex-wife Mandie, both monitor their “almost grown” daughter’s accounts because of the dangers of men being inappropriate with young girls over the app, potentially putting them in dangerous situations.

“If dad’s love their little girls, the next thing is don’t mess with the mama,” he said. “Mandie monitors Maile’s Instagram and social media. Even though she’s near grown, because she’ll be 18 in February, notice I said, ‘near grown,’ you are still a child, so we have to monitor that. And these grown men see her dancing and whatnot, and they just slid in.”

Brady shared a wild moment that happened, when her mother interacted with a man who thought that she was 17-year-old Maile.

“Mandie got on the line with one of them and was, you know, texting back and forth and he was talking slick, until he realized that it was her,” he scarily added. “And then she’s like ‘What the hell are you doing?’ And he’s like, ‘I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I just saw her.’ That doesn’t mean anything. You tell that to your cellmate when we put you in jail. You can talk all about your post-breakup relationship then.”

Brady lets the platforms know that he’s coming for them and called them out by name. “This is something that I’m very passionate about, and I’m going to start working on an initiative. I think the social media, Instagram, Facebook, I love y’all, but you need to be on it.”

See the clip below.

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