Wendy Williams Tells Ex-Husband’s Love Child: ‘Your Father Was With Me When Your Mother Was Giving Birth’ Claims She Never Wants To Meet Her

Wendy Williams recently stepped back out for fashion week. The queen of daytime television did a victory lap after it was revealed that ex-husband Kevin Hunter was falling apart without the alimony payments he was receiving from her. Williams has been very clear about wanting to make him and his new family pay for what they put her through. Williams also has no plans of ever meeting Hunter’s new daughter.

Wendy Williams’s empire has crumbled all but completely over the last two years. Divorce sent her on a health and emotional spiral that derailed the final season of her show. While she’s been completely off the radar since, there was a good few months before that where Williams spoke to the press about the split and her plans for Hunter. A very proud Wendy spoke with the ladies of The View sometime during her final season on the air. While there, she opened up about how she served Kevin divorce papers and his pink slip on the same day as a way to get back at him for cheating on her and fathering a child.

Hunter would eventually be rewarded spousal that was set to last for as long as Williams was working. In the fall of 2021, he was alerted by her team that Wendy would not be returning and his payments would stop. He did not heed their warnings. In recent months, Hunter tried to take Williams team to court to get his money back but lost big in the last month. He, his wife, and their new child will have to find another way to keep their new lives afloat since Williams is not fronting the bill.

Back while she was promoting her Lifetime film and documentary, Wendy revealed that Kevin was not present on the night his new baby was born. “Do you know where your father was the night your mother gave birth? He was with that lady on TV, Miss Wendy. Because he was with me.”

When asked if she wanted to meet the new baby, Wendy said, “The baby? What, why would I want to meet her? I don’t know her. And I don’t want to meet her.”

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