“When Are Your Parents Going To Jail”: Zonnique Confronted By Fan, Asking How Many Kids In Tiny & T.I.’s Dungeon

T.I and Tiny continue to make headlines in the wake of shocking allegations. The reality tv stars and music heavy weights were accused of abduction, assault and sexual misconduct against several woman who came forward after a family friend put them on blast. Naturally their kids, who are all visible with growing social media platforms thanks to the families VH1 show, have been getting hit with a lot of crazy questions about their parents and their current legal drama. Zonnique recently had to field questions from an overzealous fan eager for attention and answers.

The crazy allegations against the couple have been harmful already. In addition to the next season of their show T.I & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle being postponed indefinitely, the couple will soon have to deal with a mountain of legal fees in connection to the various cases filed against them in Atlanta and Los Angeles. In addition, T.I. was not asked to return for his role in the third installment for the upcoming Marvel film “Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania”. Attorney Tyrone Blackburn is wasting no time looking for justice for the 11 people claiming to have been assaulted by the Atlanta based couple. The victims include 8 women who have come forward with eerily similar claims. The other three accusers include a young man that was eight years old, his mother, as well as Sabrina Peterson, their former friend and the starting point of all this madness.

The madness has also driven a wedge between Tiny and her former best friend Shekinah Jo, who jumped to the couples defense following the first couple of allegations. While trying to protect her friends, she unfortunately made the situation worst, confirm that the couple do frequently have extramarital affairs and bring other women into their bedroom.

Well now their kids are being forced to answer for their private activity. During an IG live with her followers, Zonnique was blindsided by a fan who joined her asking to “rap” but instead started asking questions about her parents and making accusations. He repeatedly asked how many people her parents had in “the dungeon” and if she too was keeping people hostage. Zonnique maintained her calm and let the fan vent while she smiled and sipped her water. “You feel better?” she asked at the end.

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