“Where’s the Black Bailout?” Ice Cube Takes Aim At Joe Biden Amid Stimulus Negotiations, Says He’s Not Surprised By His Response On Leaked Zoom Call

Rapper Ice Cube seems to be taking on another career as a representative and community activist, with his open embrace of attempting to make political inroads in his own unique way. The rapper and movie producer caught heat early in the election cycle for his views and he’s back to once again continue to ask the hard questions he thinks no one else is.

Celebrities seemed to have tried to step into the gap this year when they could, since the government has been at odds over sending out another round of direct support stimulus checks. Taking to their social media channels, some have understood how hard times have been in the Black community specifically. Thanks to apps making it easier to send and receive money, the help has been welcomed by many.

Lil Nas X decided to help the fans who drove his hit “Old Town Road” to #1, cementing him as one of the biggest viral acts in the world in history. He tweeted fans, telling them to drop their CashApp tags so that he could send some “money to go get some food then stay inside.”

According to Page Six, Ariana Grande has also been using another popular financial app to share money with her fans – Venmo. She’s apparently sent money to 20 of her fans, either $500 or $1,000, and hasn’t mentioned much about it. “She reached out and took care of my salary for the month,” one fan told Page Six.

Taylor Swift’s fans have shared online that the music star has been sending some of the “Swifties” $3,000 in order to help them during these rough times, with the good news sending them over the edge and sharing their emotional moments with the rest of the Swifties online.

Lastly, hot Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has stepped up her philanthropic giving during this time. Starting a hashtag #HottiesAtHome, she started trending in the US on Twitter with her efforts. In addition to helping her fans, she also helped healthcare workers – starting another hashtag, #HealthcareHotties, also a nod to her major at Texas Southern University in Healthcare Administration.

Megan partnered with Amazon Music to give supplies, money, and Amazon Fire tablets to residents at the Park Manor Skilled Nursing Facility in her native Houston, Texas.

With Ice Cube’s meeting with Trump behind him, he still presses on with his activism against the way that things are – and believes that there should be more accountability held over the incoming administration. Black people and other people of color have been hit hard by the pandemic, and Cube feels that there should be a more targeted bailout for them.

“What about the Black bailout?” asked Cube in a new Instagram post that has spread to social media and was cross-posted on his own channels. It’s a poignant question, as the government seems to be rounding the corner to providing another direct payment to Americans in the amount of $600, reportedly.

In the video below, Cube questions how large of a share of the stimulus money will be given directly to Black businesses. He also questions how the money is getting into “the hands of people who don’t have the best banking relationships.”

Lastly, he says that “Woke” Black people who are infighting with each other “need to cut that sh*t out,” and that we should focus and see where our money is going. Cube’s at least sticking to his message consistently.

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