“Who Allowed This”: Parents Of 5-Year-Old Boy Dragged After Throwing Son NBA YoungBoy Themed Birthday Party

NBA Youngboy is one of the leading rappers in music right now. Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the Baton Rouge native released over 10 mixtapes before getting signed by Atlantic Records in 2017. Since then they’ve positioned him as one of the go-to newcomers and leaders of the modern day hip-hop culture. His influence seems pretty wide, as its been revealed that he has a pretty big following amongst children. One 5 year old recently had a party themed after the controversial rapper, a decision that has twitter judging their family.

NBA Youngboy has collaborated with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Juice Wrld, and the Migos. He famously stood up J. Cole during a recent session where the two where supposed to work together. The “Born Sinner” rapper reported waiting 8hrs for NBA Youngboy to show up to the session. The Dreamville leader is one of the most respected rappers in the game, making a reputation over the years for selling astronomical amounts of records without any features. So it probably means a lot when he calls. However, Young Boy just couldn’t be bothered that day.

DJ Akademiks reported on the missed session. According to Akademiks, NBA Youngboy told his team he didn’t really have the energy that day but they still went ahead and scheduled the session. “J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for Young boy to show up,” said DJ Akademiks during a live stream back in March. “Young boy didn’t show up. Facts. These are facts! Your favorite rapper, n***a. J. Cole? He sat in the studio for eight hours for a session with Youngboy. Youngboy never showed up.”

He continued “”Let me be fair to Youngboy. No disrespect to J. Cole, J. Cole’s just a rapper. Youngboy be going through sh*t. He’s living life, he’s going through sh*t. Youngboy said, ‘yo, my energy is not fit to be in the studio with that guy.’ It wasn’t about J. Cole. It was just that he, and personally what he was going through, wasn’t fit to be in that environment.”

Akademiks was also the one to repost footage from a 5 year olds NBA Youngboy theme’d party. The child can be seem smiling and dancing infront of a backdrop bearing the rappers face with cut outs of him throughout the function. Attendees can also be shown singing and dancing.

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