Widow Goes Viral Filming Herself Throwing Abusive Husband’s Ashes In Trash As Final Goodbye To The ‘Nasty B**tard’

Losing a loved one is a terrible and complicated process. There is no right way to grieve and for many it can be long, painful and confusing. Finding the strength to say goodbye can be hard, especially if the relationship was a complex one. For one woman, saying goodbye to her husband has been a release that few can really understand. The widow explains in the video just who her husband was and why she chose to say farewell to him the way she has.

Marsha Widener lost her husband recently. The two were married for a long time and share a family together. Following his passing, Mr. Widener was cremated. Mrs. Widener tells the camera that her husband was not wanted by anyone, and many passed up on the opportunity to figure out proper arrangement for him following his death. Why, well put plainly, Mr. Widener was not a good person.

She reveals that he was abusive to her throughout their marriage. She talked about some of the abuse she suffered at his hand. Mrs. Widener recalls him kicking her in the head several times. She even said he put her head through a window. “This is for all the times he kicked me in the head. Yup, he put my head through a window.”

Not only was she abused by him, but she confesses that he was abusive to their kids as well. “His family don’t want him, his brother doesn’t want him around, his kids doesn’t want him…actually they want him to go in the gutter or the toilet,” Mrs. Widener tells the camera.

“This is for all the pain and all the turmoil he has caused my children and myself and what he caused his parents. This is his goodbye,” she says as she begins pouring the ashes out. She stomped some out on the floor and poured the rest into the trash.

She explains that he worked in landfill and that she was “sending him back”. The moment seemed to be one filled with closure and victory for Mrs. Widener. Survivors of abuse have no right or wrong way to grieve or heal, but Mrs. Widener certainly found a unique one. Hopefully it brings her peace.

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