Wife Charged After Attempting To Pay Assassin Through A Layaway Plan Of $100 A Week To K*ll Her Husband After He Cheated

Yet another story has gone viral this week of a woman seeking revenge against her partner. This time it is a Philadelphia woman named Claudia Carrion who has landed behind bars after conspiring to kill her husband. Her story is the latest in a series of stories we reported on where woman have been taking revenge into their own hands with embarrassing consequences.

On Friday we reported on Tuhonsty Marie Smith, a 29 year old Wisconsin woman who set her sleeping husband’s head ablaze while he slept. The bizarre story is a tragic climax to what the husband considered to be months of arguing and strange behavior from his wife. Smith and her husband Henry Williams had just had a bad fight that evening that resulted in Williams deciding to breaking up with her. Before the couple was able to amicably go their separate ways, Smith decided to set her husband on fire, later telling authorities she did it because she suspected him of poisoning her chicken wings. Williams woke up when he realized that his head was burning and tried to put out the fire with his bare hands. He then rushed out of bed and went to his 3-month-old daughter’s bedroom, grabbing the baby and fleeing out of the house. He was eventually was rushed to a local hospital with severe burns to his chest, head, ears, hands, neck and face.

Yesterday we reported on a tiktok user named @i.am.nita.baby who had posted a disturbing video to her profile of her burning off her man’s dreads in retaliation for his texting other women. The viral clip quickly amassed thousand of views on the popular app. In it, she offered to shampoo and condition his boyfriend’s hair, but instead she used Nair Hair Removal. She documented the full process, showing his head in the sink and the dreads starting to come out after 3 minutes of leaving the product in. The video abruptly cuts to the woman sitting in front of a picture of the now bald man. She expresses her remorse and she details how he has not spoken to her since the incident.


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Claudia Carrion is the latest name added to the list. The 44 year old mother has been arrested after trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband due to suspected abuse and cheating. The $4000 hit was actually made with an undercover cop whom she offered to pay in installments because she did not have all the money upfront. Carrion’s son jumped to his mother’s defense claiming she’s being set up despite Carrion confessing to police already. “It’s not like that. I feel like she’s getting framed. She’s, she’s Christian, you know, like, very religious,” he said. “My family, we never do harm. We’re all, you know, innocent. We don’t have no criminal records of nothing.”

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