“Wig or Weave?”: Megan Thee Stallion Disrespected By White Male Interviewer Claiming Her Hair Was Fake, Rapper Shuts Him Down

There are a few things that you don’t play about when it comes to Black women, but one thing stands out that has been a topic of discussion for years.  So much so, that Beyonce’s younger sister Solange wrote a song about it.  Don’t touch a Black woman’s hair.

By touch, this also means speak on in a negative manner or question something about her hair that may simply be none of your business.  Tim Westwood, a white radio show host in the UK on Capital XTRA learned this lesson the hard way during an interview with Houston native and “Body” rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Westwood got a bit bold in his questioning as he diverted the conversation from music to her personal appearance. The radio host specifically asked Megan, “Wig or weave?” to which the rapper responds, “Um…not your business.”  Seemingly taken aback by her response, he asks “Oh, for real? Are you serious?” The “Savage” rapper then gives a response that many Black women would utterly resonate with: “Do not ask ladies what they got going on.”

“You just worry about the funds. … You just worry about the funding part. You don’t got to worry about how it got done,” she said prompting Westwood to say that he was sorry for asking.  

The back and forth between the two brought a lot of criticism from those on social media who viewed the clip.  “PSA: It’s extremely rude to ask a woman if her hair is a wig or weave’ Since you clearly never got the memo,” wrote one user.  Another wrote, “Some men are really and truly so dumb and awkward in the presence of a Black queen.”

Some users brought up the fact that white women are never usually asked that question in comparison to Black women.  One user directly question the host saying, “[Tim Westwood] you never asked any caucasian woman that you interviewed if she was wearing a wig or a weave (and MANY WHITE woman wear wigs/weaves), what made you think that was ok to ask [Megan Thee Stallion]? #OldManTriedIt #MegCheckedHimRealQuick

Check out some other user reactions below.

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