Willow Smith, 20 Offered Chance To Make Her First Adult Film After Showing Interest In ‘Artistic Expression’ During Red Table Talk

“Red Table Talk” has become a powerful vehicle for actresses and mother/daughter duo Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith. Along with their matriarch Adrienne Banfield-Norris, the women have used the hit Facebook series to unpack everything from addiction to childhood trauma, polygamy and even adult films.

In May of 2019, the trio talked about porn and its impact on relationships. It was during that talk that Willow admitted to watching porn as early as 11 years old online. All my girlfriends were like, ‘Oh, you should [watch],’” the then 18 year old said. She went on to say she developed a liking for “artsy” porn as she got older, even expressing a desire to work on one herself. “I’m down for the artistic, you know … if it’s artsy!” 

During the same talk, Jada also confessed to having an unhealthy obsession with pornography before her marriage to Will Smith. “If I was still on my porn game, I’d be able to show you some good [stuff], ‘cause back in the day, I had a little addiction.”

During the conversation, it was obvious the women had a respect and admiration for the medium and that caught the attention of some big wigs in the porn world. Appreciating the way Willow stood up for adult film stars, award-winning adult filmmaker Bree Mills made it know that she’d like to let the “Whip My Hair” singer direct a film of her own. Mills is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Adult Time, a streaming service for adult films that rivals Netflix.

In a letter to Willow, Mills thanked the young actress for “public statements you recently made about the negative impacts of stigmatizing [adult films].”

She went on to say that “Adult films that are artistic and progressive provide an opportunity for people to explore and connect around issues of sexuality, which is very difficult to find in other aspects of today’s society and education systems,” adding, “This is something that, as a woman and an award-winning adult filmmaker, I take very seriously.”

Mills concluded by offering Willow a chance to “direct an adult film, digital series or documentary of your choosing,” and that she would have “full artistic control.”

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