Stalker Traveled From Oklahoma to LA To Break Into Willow Smith’s Home After Professing His Love & Asking For Her Hand In Marriage

Willow Smith has made a career out of her edgy and left of center branding. While the youngest Smith tends to live life on the wild side, she’s not a fan of being surprised. Especially at the hands of a stalker. Willow was granted a retraining order recently against a man who tried to force his way into her home over the holidays.

Will and Jada’s daughter was on the receiving end of an overzealous fan during Christmas. The 38 year old man is Walter James Whaley, an Oklahoma native. Its reported that Whaley is a big fan of the “Whip My Hair” singer who is only 20.

Willow Smith’s stalker has been reportedly messaging the star for some time now on social media. Several of his messages include him professing his love and desire to marry Willow and start a family.

He’s reported to have traveled from Oklahoma to Los Angeles to meet her. The stalker located Willow Smith’s home and hopped the fence in hopes of meeting his crush.  Whaley attempted to gain entry into the home but ran off after being spotted by security. The guards quickly called 911 who were able to apprehend the man shortly after.

Police found a Greyhound bus ticket in the man’s pocket, proof that he’d traveled into town the day prior.

Willow is obviously concerned for her safety, and quickly moved to file a restraining order against her stalker. In the documentation she claimed he “will do whatever possible to make physical contact with me.”

Willow was granted a restraining order against the stalker, which prohibits him for making contact with the star and to stay 100 feet away from her.

Willow suffers from severe anxiety and has talked about it candidly over the years. In a recent episode of Red Table Talk, she discussed this with mom Jada and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

“I couldn’t talk, I had to just cocoon and just be with myself for a moment,” said Smith. “And that was so important because it would have been more intense if I was, like, looking to you,” she continued, looking at her mom. “To be like, ‘No, help me!’ And then when I was ready … open the cocoon.” 

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