Woman Claims Derrick Jackson Cheated On Wife Because She Doesn’t Do Her Hair Or Dress Feminine To Entice Him In Viral Tweet

Relationship and spirituality guru Derrick Jackson is working double time to save his brand after it went public that he’d been cheating on his wife with various women. The allegations were confirmed by Jackson himself in an IG live video which features he and his wife side by side discussing his indiscretions and how they plan on moving forward.

Jackson, or Jaxn as he spells it, states that his brand is about “Healing & Healthy Relationships”. He current has an audience of over 1 Million instagram followers, all of which are watching now to see how he spins this scandal.

With wife Da’Naia Jackson by his side, Jackson explained himself in third person. “The truth is Derrick Jaxn was involved with other women outside the marriage” he said to camera. He and his wife held hands while he talked about what had transpired. “All of it falls under the category of cheating, affairs, stepping out” he continued.

While his wife appeared vacant and eerily calm, she did chime in “I agree with people saying that there is no justification for bringing other women into our marriage … when I found out about it, I left,” she continued “I did not come back until I saw a shift or a change in his mentality.” She has forgiven him, and they have started “a new chapter” in their relationship guided by their faith.

In her own posts, Da’Naia elaborated on how she’s dealt with the cheating in disturbing detail.

Fans in the comments were deeply disturbed with many feeling that her confession alludes to their problem being bigger than infidelity and might possibly center around emotional or psychological abuse.

Reports of infidelity began in early March. Today Candice De Medeiros came forward as one of the woman involved in his cheating. The Daily Mail reports that De Medeiros and Jaxn texted through the summer of 2020, spent his birthday together and slept in the bed that he shares with his wife.

Over on twitter, some people began to think that Da’Naia may have brought the infidelity upon herself because she does not dress sexy or “entice” her husband. One twitter user said “Now I am not saying Derrick Jackson gets a pass for cheating but I just went on Mrs. Jackson’s page and…. I mean… ma’m doesn’t paint her toe nails, do her hair, dress feminine to entice her husband at all. C’mon that’s like rule 1. Keep it cute.”

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