Woman Goes Viral After Setting Up GoFundMe After Being Stranded In Atlanta For NBA All-Star Weekend

Not even Covid can keep people away from All-Star weekend. The NBA staple went on this weekend, despite many people the including players,thinking it wasn’t a good idea.

The controversial decision to move forward was softened by the fact that the league used the event as an opportunity to raise money for Historical Black Colleges and Universities. The court was HBCU themed and featured Tennessee State alum Robert Covington in the Skills Challenge as well as marching bands playing during player intros.

Its no denying that money was at the forefront of everyones mind going into the decision to go ahead with All-Star weekend.

“I haven’t made it a secret out of the fact that economic interests are a factor,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on Saturday at his annual state-of-the-league press conference. Unlike the very in person games, his inclusion was done over Zoom. “It’s less to do with the economics of one Sunday night on TNT in the United States. It has more to do with the larger brand value of the NBA. This is our number one fan engagement event of the year. … It’s sort of what we do. For me, it would have been a bigger deal not to have it.”

One person who didn’t have money on their mind when heading down to enjoy the festivities was IG Model Yazz The Stallion. Unlike her famous namesake who i’m sure has no problem getting around, Yazz decided to head down to Atlanta with only $400 bucks to her name and a one way ticket. She expecting to receive her unemployment and be able to get back, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

It got so bad Yazz had to start a GoFundMe to help her get home. She’s since deactivated the fundraiser and its unclear how much she was able to raise or if she got any of the money. Screen shots show she was hoping to raise $1300 to get back to New York.

While some people were quick to offer assistance, they were also not shy about their opinions on the IG Model. One person said “You stay bragging about not needing [nobody] now here you are broke.” That same person donated $5. Its unclear if she ever made it back to New York.

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