Woman Jailed After Setting Sleeping Husband On Fire Because She Believed He Poisoned Her Chicken Wings, GoFundMe Created

A Wisconsin woman did the unthinkable a few days ago, setting flames to her sleeping husband. The bizarre story is a tragic climax to what the husband considered to be months of arguing and strange behavior from his wife. Tuhonsty Marie Smith and her husband Henry Williams had just had a bad fight that resulted in Williams deciding to breaking up with her. Before the couple was able to amicably go their separate ways, Smith decided to set her husband on fire after suspecting him of poisoning her food.

CBS News reported that Smith, 29, is facing various charges after the incident that occurred in her home in the Enderis Park neighborhood of Milwaukee. The incident took place in the early hours of June 4th, just hours after Williams had told her he wanted to break up. While Williams was asleep, Smith filled up a cup with lighter fluid and poured it on Williams head while he slept before setting flames.

Williams woke up when he realized that his head was on fire and tried to put out the fire with his bare hands. He then rushed out of bed and went to his 3-month-old daughter’s bedroom, grabbing the baby and fleeing out of the house. He was eventually was rushed to a local hospital with severe burns to his chest, head, ears, hands, neck and face.

The property owner where Williams and Smith lived is also a long-time family friend of Williams. “Because I’ve known Henry since he was a kid, just heartbroken for him, Denise Wilson told CBS. “The house is just a thing and that’s why you have insurance but as long as he’s going to be ok, that’s my main concern […] I’m just glad he was able to get the baby out and that he’s going to be ok,” Wilson said. “It’ll be a long road to recovery with his burns but ultimately he’ll be OK.”

Smith told police that she was suspicious that her husband had poised her chicken wings, which is why she did it. She also admitted to having some mental health issues and taking some medication a few hours before the attack. Smith also claimed her intentions were not to take her husband’s life.

A GoFundMe has been created by Veronica Hayslett to help Williams during his recovery. “We are asking if you find it in your hearts to help us rally around my cousin Henry Williams Jr to prayerfully and financially assist him in a trying time.” the description reads. At this moment, the campaign has raised $2,363 of the $10,000 goal.

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