Woman Sentenced 10-Years In Prison For Lying On Application To Become A Janitor, 15 Years After Being Hired

We live in a world where the rich and privileged are able to get away unscathed with heinous crimes, while those in the middle to lower class are led to suffering consequences for simple crimes.  In most cases, it is a means to get by, while some are simply inexcusable.  A woman in Greece is suffering what some believe “inhuman” and intense consequences after being caught in a lie with her place of employment. 

The New York Times reports of an unidentified 53-year-old woman who was employed at a kindergarten school in Greece for 15 years before being discovered in a lie.  A review showed that the woman had lied about her primary school education, claiming that she attended a Greece elementary school for 6 years when in actuality she had been there for five.  

The woman had also falsified a certificate to show that she had completed the amount of time needed for the elementary schooling.  She was then charged with defrauding the public, but a regional court sentenced her to 10 years in prison for the forgery.    While in the United States, the punishment would have been significantly less severe.  However, it seems the laws in Greece are much different, as is in other countries for the same offense.  The news of her sentencing caused an uproar within the country, and an online petition was soon generated for her case to be reviewed and exonerated.  Over 40,000 signed the petition on her behalf. 

“This decision is not simply inhuman,” said the Hellenic League for Human Rights, according to the Greek City Times.  “It is another very indicative sign of permanent pathogens in the criminal justice system.” Social media users also joined in with their opinions in the matter, questioniong the severity of the court’s sentencing on the 53-year-old woman.  “It’s absurd… strange sentence,” commented one Twitter user.    Another writes, “Was it necessary to put her in jail just for that? I mean, forging a legal document is wrong from all perspectives. But 10 years? How about community service? A fine? A bit too far!” 

“Law goes too far these days. We don’t live in a society of #Rights anymore. We live in a society of #Law,” commented another. 

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