Woman Washes Boyfriends Dreads With Nair Hair Removal After Catching Him Texting Another Woman, Documents The Whole Process

A woman took revenge to new levels after finding out her boyfriend has been texting other woman. These days people are finding new and disturbing ways to punish their partners, and many of them seem to find the need to document it for social media. She took to tiktok to tell her followers about her recent antics to get back at her man, and the sad conclusion to their relationship following it.

Yesterday we reported on a Wisconsin woman who decided to set flames to her husband’s head shortly after an argument ended in him deciding to break up with her. CBS News reported that Tuhonsty Marie Smith, 29, is facing various charges after the incident that occurred in her home in the Enderis Park neighborhood of Milwaukee. The incident took place in the early hours of June 4th. While her boyfriend Henry Williams was asleep, Smith filled up a cup with lighter fluid and poured it on Williams head while he slept before setting flames. She told authorities that she did it because she believed that he’d poisoned her chicken wings. She also confessed to have some mental health issues and taking some pills hours before committing the crime.

Williams woke up when he realized that his head was on fire and tried to put out the fire with his bare hands. He then rushed out of bed and went to his 3-month-old daughter’s bedroom, grabbing the baby and fleeing out of the house. He was eventually was rushed to a local hospital with severe burns to his chest, head, ears, hands, neck and face.

A tiktok user under the account @i.am.nita.baby posted the disturbing video to her profile 3 days ago and currently has almost 60k views. In it, she said she’d found her man texting other woman. To get back at him, she offered to shampoo and condition his dreads, but instead of actually shampoo she used Nair Hair Removal. She documented the full process, showing his head in the sink and the dreads starting to come out after 3 minutes of leaving the product in.

The video abruptly cuts to the woman sitting in front of a picture of the bald man. She expresses her remorse and she details how he has not spoken to her since the incident.

See the full video below.

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