“Y’all Got Played”: Young Buck Claims 50 Cent Feud Was Staged The Entire Time, Says 50 Cent Was The Mastermind

There was a time when G-Unit was the dominate force in music. The 50 Cent lead collective were racking up hit records, movies and a popular clothing line thanks to their frontman’s popularity and cosigns from Eminem and Dr. Dre. The group were synonymous for beefing with others, including members of their own clique.

50 Cent has always been a bit of a bully. Long before being the IG meme king, he was picking fights with every via mixtape freestyles and viral interviews. In recent years 50 Cent and G-Unit member Young Buck began to go at it online. Many believed the former group mates to be at odds, which is exactly what they wanted us to think.

“We ain’t got no beef.” he said. “Y’all got played this time. We sat down and master-planned this sh*t out,” he shared. “50 was like I am fin to say all kind of sh*t about you. I’m gonna make them f**king hate you and then you gonna make them love you again.”

“We win” he proclaimed. “I just got off the phone with [50], we shot a video yesterday.”

He told his fans “Thats what ya’ll get”. Siting social media’s obsession with drama for inspiring their master plan.

He said 50 cent promised him that once he stepped away and made it appear that he and Buck had issues, that Buck could swoop in and make people love him again.

Buck was pretty proud of him and 50’s action plan. He said he was unaware of a lot of what 50 cent would say, but he feels it worked. The rapper was smoking during the video and began talking in circles, but the over all gist was he felt that beefing with 50 Cent saved his career.

This is a far cry from interviews he did back in December, when he claimed he was booted out of G Unit due to a disagreement over royalty money. In an interview with Vlad TV, Buck said that he slipped up and talked about missing funds in the media and it angered his label head.

“We were six months into the situation of getting back together and out of nowhere, this interview comes out… and it was one of those interviews where, prior to us getting back together, I had spoken on me not receiving any publishing… never seeing a royalty check in my career,” Buck told DJ Vlad. “Everything I [had made] had been off shows. Well, that was the big and bold headline… and it comes across 50’s desk.”

“He immediately took this from a place of… I know why now but, at the time, he reacted to that so f*cked up.” Was think part of their mastermind publicity stunt as well?

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