Yandy Smith In Tears After Husband, Mendeecees Reveals He’s ‘Undecided’ He Would Hold Her Down In Prison If Shoe Was On The Other Foot

Yandy Smith and Mendeecees have had a long and tumultuous journey as a couple, with a good majority of it played out on TV for the world to see. The Love & Hip-Hop couple have made the jump to the popular shows newest spin off Couples Retreat to catch the world up on how their relationship has endured during lockdown, and how they’ve bounced back after Mendecees time away in jail.

Yandy Smith is credited as actress, entrepreneur, and producer. She joined Love and Hip-Hop New York in 2011. At the time, she was the executive assistant to Mona Scott-Young, the powerhouse behind the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. Her love affair with Mendeecees Harris, who at the time was the owner of the music-recording studio Beat Factory in The Bronx, was the focal point of much drama over their 10 seasons together on the show.

The couple share two children. Their marriage was covered in an elaborate ceremony on the show in 2015. Unfortunately following their marriage, Mendeecees was sentenced to 8 years in prison for drug trafficking charges. He went on to serve 4 years before being released.

Joining the cast of Couples Retreat, the show was set to follow them on a week long vacation as they unpacked issues from their relationship. One glaring confession made by the couple is that their elaborate wedding was actually not legal. Some speculated that they didn’t make things official because Yandy didn’t want to end up being responsible for his debt and child support payments while he’s serving time in prison. “I have a union with Mendeecees, but I did not go into a partnership with Mendeecees and the government” she said in a clip.

A family source confirmed that “They couldn’t send their marriage certificate off, because Mendeecees’s plea deal had not yet been finalized. They have re-registered, though, so the marriage will be finalized soon.”

While discussing their union and the toll his sentence took on the couple, Yandy broke down when Mendeecees appeared to confirm her worst fears, that he would not have stayed by her side the way she did for him if she had been the one going away instead. Mendeecees felt that he was being treated different while in jail, and did not appreciate the lack of calls and emails from Yandy. Yandy defended herself by stating she was raising their kids and running 5 businesses. Check out the full clip below.

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