Young Buck Sued By Bankruptcy Trustee For Failing To Hand Over Royalties, After Claiming He Only Has $100 Worth Clothing & $100 Worth Of Jewelry To His Name

Former G-Unit member Young Buck is having some legal issues. The down south rapper has had some financial woes in recent years, with the latest resulting in him filing for bankruptcy. It seems the former hip-hop star is still pulling in some money from his music heydays, and is currently being sued for not giving up his royalties.

Most Young Buck centered headlines in recent years have centered around his beef with former label head 50 Cent. Buck made attempts to downplay their problems earlier this year, claiming that the issues between them were orchestrated in order to help Buck make his come back. “We ain’t got no beef.” he said. “Y’all got played this time. We sat down and master-planned this sh*t out,” he shared. “50 was like I am fin to say all kind of [stuff] about you. I’m gonna make themhate you and then you gonna make them love you again.”

50 Cent seems to not have any recollection of this “conversation”. He’s continued to hurl homophobic and transphobic comments at his former protege, even making jokes about his legal and financial woes as well. Blogger Tasha K did a bit of trolling as well while reporting on Buck who at the time was going to court for domestic violence. In a video cover his case, she made reference to him “coming out of the closet”, when instead the video focused on allegations that he has been beating up his girlfriend because she caught him sleeping with trans women and gay men. 50 caught wind of the story and responded, “SMH why he didn’t just say he was gay.” “There is nothing wrong with it Buck. But you can’t be putting your hands on no women because she keep catching you.”

Questions about his sexuality are the least of Bucks worries right now, as it seems like his bankruptcy claim has unearth some major debts he needs to pay off. Back in 2020, the rapper filed bankruptcy declaring his assets included his household furniture worth around $360, clothes worth $100, and $100 worth of jewelry, according to Radar Online. A trustee assigned by the court to oversee Buck’s case claims the rapper is holding out on them. Buck reportedly receives royalties from music organization ASCAP that could total as much as $35000. They are demanding that Buck hand over all money he’s holding back so that his debt can be paid off.

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