‘You’re Going To Jail”: Actress Skai Jackson Exposes Grown, Married Men In Her DMs To Their Wives & Her Fans

Skai Jackson said “NOT TUH-DAY!!!”  She may be young, but she has proven time and time again that she is not the one (or the two) to be played with.  As with any celebrity, Jackson’s DM’s are poppin’, but what goes down in her DMs are creepy, and she’s sharing a few of them with the public.   

The 19-year-old Disney Channel star has had her share of viral social media moments, which included a famous back and forth with rapper Azealia Banks.  Banks got into it with the young teenager when she was only 14-years of age on Twitter after Jackson tweeted that she needed to “simmer down” following a racist and homophobic rant against singer Zayn Malik. 

Their interaction would only bring Banks shame after the then 14-year-old appropriately shut her down with social media universally siding with her.   

Now, 19-years of age, Jackson has continued to make her mark in the industry, and on social media as well.  During the hefty racial tensions of 2020, she used her platform to expose racist behaviors of others after apparently having had enough of the nonsense.   

“If you know a racist, don’t be shy!” Skai tweeted out to her followers.  “Tweet me the receipts.”  Not done why, she further explained on Instagram her reasoning for why she decided to expose racists “all day, every day, 24/7, 10 days a week.” 

“During this sensitive time, I’ve seen horrific statements and social media videos made by some Caucasian teens/young adults,” she explained. “Let me say this: If I see you post it, I WILL expose you!! If you think you’re big and bad enough to say it, I will most definitely put your own words on blast!!” 

Her DMs soon began to expand with many “receipts” from other fans, and celebrities as well, who wanted to contribute to her exposition.  Intermixed in Jackson’s DMs, however, was some predatory behavior from “grown men”, some married. 

Acknowledging that she’s gotten some “weird” DMs, Jackson said that she was “just gonna start exposing these grown men cause I’m sick and tired.”  With that, she began to share posts from various men as they proceeded to salivate after her. 

Messages like “”Your mine” and “Skai jackson lil a** can get it” soon were moved from the private space of her direct messages to her Twitter timeline for the world to see.  She also shared messages from married and soon-to-be-married men who were vying for her attention. 

Her response to some of these men were threats of jail time, as she was still a minor at the time of the DMs.   

When will these folks learn not to mess with Skai Jackson? 

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