Youtuber Tasha K Release Audio Of Relationship Expert, Derrick Jackson Current Mistress Revealing Her Pregnancy Late November, Early December

Things continue to get worst for instagram personality Derrick Jackson. This week youtuber Tasha K continued her vendetta against Jackson, releasing audio from an alleged mistress who was dating the relationship guru last year. Her shocking revelations make this story even more convoluted.

Derrick Jackson/Jaxn built his relationship advice empire on the values on honor, loyalty and commitment. So naturally fans we shocked to find out that he’d been cheating on his wife Da’Naia Jackson. In hopes of getting ahead of the story, Jackson and his wife released a video where he confessed to his indiscretions, while his wife explained that she’s known for months and the two are on the road to reconciliation.

During their sitdown, they explained that most of the allegations stemmed from last summer and that they separated shortly after his wife found out. In her own video Da’Naia continued to explain their road to recovery using bible verses and church jargon to convey how they’ve been able to move past things.

While some supported the wife’s decision to stay, other criticized her and even felt that she looked lost or sad in the videos. Some alluded to their possibly being some emotional or psychological abuse. Many felt like her appearance might have lead to the cheating, since in all her recent videos she appears disheveled, barefaced with her hair in a bonnet.

Today, Tasha K went public with a phone conversation featuring one of Jackson’s mistresses. In the convo, the woman states that she in Jackson were in contact as recent as December. She claims to have been unaware of his wife or social media presence, and said she only found out after she disclosed to him that she was pregnant. Jackson the pleaded with her to keep the baby and told her that he and his wife were separated and seeking divorce.

Upon discovering who he was, the woman was not only shocked to find out he was married, but she also realized that he’d filmed several of his viral advice videos right in front of her home. Jackson and his wife have yet to comment on the recent development, but twitter has already been weighing in.

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