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Zonnique Face Backlash For Wanting Baby Before Marriage, Singer Says Marriage Is “A Much Bigger Commitment” Leaving Fans With Questions

Tiny Harris and T.I.’s daughter sent many people including her step-father into shock after revealing she was expecting her first child with boyfriend, Badhunta Izzy.

Rather than having a normal reveal in private, the singer decided to share the news with her stepfather T.I., on her new talk show, ‘The Mix’ on Fox Soul. The announcement left T.I. in disarray, but the fact that his wife, Tiny, was aware of the pregnancy left him further speechless. Prompting him to ask his team, ‘Is anybody bringing my join?’


Following the reveal, T.I. became an immediate laughing stock with fans reminding the rapper of his history with his younger daughter, Deyjah, and their interesting ritual of him taking her to the gynecologist annually. Many fans pointed out T.I. attempted to keep his composure, but many also assumed the king of the south was mad.

Zonnique was met with a ton of support and congratulations. The singer later had another interview where she disclosed more information on her journey, revealing she was scared and crying when she found out.

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‘I was crying, to be honest,’ she says. “I’ve always been the one like, ‘I’m not having any babies soon… I have hella brothers and sisters, so I’m not having a baby’… so I was very emotional, and I was crying when I gave it to him, and he was like ‘it’s ok, it’s ok’… he was just going off of me, but he ended up telling me later he was really excited.”

In the same interview, Zonnique was asked about marriage, when things seem to get a little interesting – well, at least to the critics.

In the same interview, Zonnique was asked about marriage, when things seem to get a little interesting – well, at least to the critics. Zonnique replied she’s not ready for marriage. “I feel like, at my age, I don’t really want to get married right now,” the singer responded. “I feel like that’s an even bigger commitment […] I hate to say it’s an even bigger commitment than a baby to me, but getting married seems like so much, so right now, that’s not really what I would like to do.”

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Critics took this moment to criticize the 24-year-old singer. One user commented, “damn … Zonnique head not screwed on right I see … still fw her though,” while another one chose to point fingers at her mother’s marriage suggesting her answer was based on the example she had.

Another user questioned Zonnique, ‘How is a WHOLE life not as important as a paper contract […] only way you not marrying your BD is if HE won’t marry you.”

Zonnique eventually clapped back at her critics clarifying her statement. “Im just not thinking about getting married right now, they’re both huge commitments obviously…I really didn’t mean that one is bigger than the other if that’s what y’all so concerned about..but at the same time y’all don’t have to live my life so what does it really matter.”

Check out the full video below:

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TSR Staff: Thembi! @ThembiTV_ _____________________________________ #ZonniquePullins recently announced her pregnancy to the world as she and her boyfriend #BadhuntaIzzy are expecting their first child together, a baby girl. _____________________________________ In an interview with @Hollywoodlife, #Zonnique shared that she's not quite ready for marriage. Zonnique, 24, said, "I feel like at my age, I don't really want to get married right now". _____________________________________ "Like, I feel like that's…an even bigger commitment–I don't know, I hate to say like it's an even bigger commitment than a baby to me," she added. _____________________________________ She continued to say that getting married just seems like "so much" and that's just not what she wants right now. "Nique Nique" also adds that her boyfriend is more inclined to get married than she is–adding that her mum Tiny encourages her, especially if her man is in board. _____________________________________ Marriage isn't completely out of the question for Zonnique however, because she's definitely open to the idea down the line. _____________________________________ Just the other day, #Tiny clapped back at a commenter who–click the link in our bio to read more 🎥: @hollywoodlife @iamjamesanthony

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